Logrono Family

I was so lucky to be able to shoot Caitys engagement session only a few weeks back and thankfully the stars aligned, and we were able to get together to take these amazing family photos for her sweet momma. I've known Caity for well over 10 years. The last time her mom even saw me I believe I was 16 or 17. This is the part of my business that I just adore, being able to reconnect with old friends. Alex was such a trooper, one for hating photos, and two for knocking it out of the park. He was so willing to let me put him where I need him, and he even gave me some genuine smiles. Alyson, is just as smart as she is beautiful! I was able to have her around during Caitys engagement shoot, and this time, she was a part of the pictures. 


Absolutely adore this family.