Olson Family

So, in case you didn't know, these are our bestest friends, The Olson family. We met about 5 years ago, and have really been inseparable since. Even with distance in between us, we just made up for it with daily hour + long conversations, facetimes, and the occasional visit. We recently closed the distance gap, for a little at least, and I had to get these babes in front of the camera. 


Marino Famliy

Where to even start with this beautiful family. Jessica was just the sweetest when we were communicating back and forth before the shoot. I loved that she kept me in the loop with their outfits and was just as excited as I was for our shoot together. When they got out of the car I completely melted over their outfits and the cutest little babies ever. 


This family for sure will go down in history as one of my favorites I've had to date <3




Ashley & Waylon

Being a military wife has brought me to some wonderful places that I probably wouldn't otherwise have gone, and met some people that I couldn't have met without it. Ashley is one of those special people I got to meet while being stationed in North Carolina with my husband. Ashley worked at the tattoo place I would regularly visit, and I remember being like, yep, I'm going to make her my friend. I was lucky enough to be able to form the sweetest bond and friendship with Ashley while going through all these trials of our lives. Thankfully, God brought us close enough to each other again, to make this sweet session happen. Waylon has got to be one of the CUTEST babies I have ever seen. Ashley and Waylons bond is incredible. She is intuitive to what he needs, and patient and just exudes this overwhelming love for him. I hope these pictures are able to capture that. These two melted my heart. I can't wait for the whole family to get together and do some amazing family pictures this fall. 



RJ & Selena

I had the pleasure of not only shooting these two, but laughing with them the entire session. RJ is the brother of a friend of mine, so it was comfortable from the beginning. Between Selena and I talking about her amazing highlight to RJ and Selena and their cute banter back and forth, this is a session I will always remember. 


Thank you so much for not only letting me capture these sweet memories for y'all, but for also feeling like I gained two friends.